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Quotes to LIVE by

When I don’t feel something, I need to

know something.

Rev J.D. Tandberg

"The advice most people seek is the approval of their own ideas, so that they will not feel the responsibility of the results as theirs alone.      

                        Rev. J.D. Tandberg

It's better to be right in the spirit, than to be right in the argument.  

        Rev. J. D. Tandberg

Free of what?

 Free of every other ideology,  doctrine, dogma, or opinions of men! 

 Jesus did not say the truth will 'set' you free. 

 He said the truth will 'make' you free. 

 The truth will make you free whether you want it or not. 

 That is why David said in the Psalms,

"....he maketh me to lie down in green pastures...." 

Once TRUTH is revealed to you, you must accept it or reject it...

 the decision and the choice is yours and yours alone...

         Rev. Lee Stoneking

What men are taught determines what they believe.

What men believe determines what they do.

What men do determines their destiny.

                             Rev. J. D. Tandberg

Experience is not the best teacher.  The Word of God is the best teacher.     Rev. J. D Tandberg

Good better, best, never let it rest, till your good becomes better and your better becomes best.

                        Rev. J. D. Tandberg

You have to SPEAK what you SEEK until you SEE what you SAY. 

     Rev. Jack Cunningham

The secret to successful Christianity is being in love with Jesus.     

Rev. J. D. Tandberg

Am I a Christian?  I have to know  --   not the traditions of men, nor the writings of Historical Apologists, but the message preached by the first Christians   --   namely the Apostles of God who were eye witnesses, and understood  His Words of teaching,  that is what I must have!   To miss the Rapture is the greatest tragedy of a human life...  "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"  Matthew 16:26                                     Rev. Lee Stoneking

Dont let other peoples opinions prevent the Will of God from happening in your life. 

Rev. Jeff Arnold

If you will do what you can do, and I will do what I can do, we will ALL be happy.                                 J.P. Deering

Why the hem of His garment?  Because it is crowded at Jesus's  hands, everyone wants a handout, but there is plenty of room at His feet.                       Rev. Jeff Arnold

A good motto to live by: Assume that everyone loves you unless they tell you differently.  

Rev. J.D. Tandberg

If you cant be corrected, you can't be saved.  

Rev. Roy Clickner

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