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Our Story

Two Army Veterans, two different paths.  One, a Retired Veteran with two overseas tours.  The other, thirty two years serving God.  One with experience riding in the 1%'er community, the other relatively new to riding.  One full of ideas going 100 MPH, the other is slow and thoughtful.  Two different paths, but one Story.

SOP is Born

In 2017, John had a thought to start a Motorcycle Ministry.  He approached Dan with the idea, but Dan was reluctant.  Dan had been around the motorcycle club scene and did not enjoy the experience.  He was different now!  However, Dan warmed up to the idea and was willing to listen.  The idea for a Motorcycle Ministry was born.  Several names were discussed, landing on Sons of Peter. 

The Apostle Peter preached the first sermon of the New Testament (Acts 2) and gave humanity the outline for Salvation (John 3:3-10, Acts 2:37-41).  This is the basis for the Sons of Peter Motorcycle Ministry.

Much work had to be done: Bylaws, back patches, goals, social media, and membership.  SOP was born.  The first order of business was to add membership.  SOP doubled overnight as their wives joined.   

Sons of Peter_patch1024_1.jpg

Dan and John desired to make SOP an outreach to others: Veterans, those in need, and the Biker community.  The first real chance to Minister happened in the Spring of 2018.  A 16 year old girl they knew was diagnosed with cancer.  The prognosis was bad, real bad.  Railynn spent months in the hospital, her mom at her side.  SOP saw an opportunity to help with financial obligations!  The Railynn Benefit Ride was planned and executed with the help of their local church.  The outpouring was incredible and financial obligations were met.  Today, Railynn is a Full Member with a desire to serve others.


The 2019 riding season started out uneventful... However, we were presented with a new need. A fellow rider from Chippewa Falls was diagnosed with cancerous tumors.  Jesse was only able to work on and off and had to stop riding all together.  Another chance to have a Benefit Ride to help a family in need!  Unfortunately, the day was cold and wet... as we rode to Bruce to have pizza.  However, many came to support Jesse anyway.  Dan led the ride atop Jesse's Road King in his honor.  We had a great time and raised a lot of money in spite of the weather.

Since the original benefit rides, we have added several other events. 

We now host Bike Blessings at various locations around Northern Wisconsin, Veteran's Honor services at local churches where we provide free food and gifts to area Veterans.

SOP is also involved in the Angel Tree Program that provides free Christmas gifts to children whose parents are incarcerated.

A Biker Sunday is our latest event!  Free food, special music, and giveaways specifically designed to draw the Biker Community

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